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Healthy Living Practices Submission Guide


The typical timeframe for approval or denial of a Healthy Living Practices submission is 3 weeks. 

The timeframe may be extended if more information is needed to determine whether the submission is acceptable or not.  If more information is needed, the submitter will be contacted via email with a request for the additional information.

Healthy Living Practices

LiveHealthyPA is collecting Healthy Living Practices from across Pennsylvania to provide readers with potential resources and ideas for improving health outcomes.  Healthy Living Practices is a continuum of interventions that range from “new” or emerging programs to those best practice where outcomes have been formally evaluated.

Healthy Living Practices Continuum

Healthy Living Practices include a combination of all the other practices defined in the dropdowns below (best, leading, promising, and emerging - from CDC reference at bottom of page). This category was chosen due to its ability to include a continuum of practices that have made a healthy impact on the lives of Pennsylvanians without restricting submissions to those that meet a specific definition. Submissions should demonstrate a positive health outcome and be able to be replicated by others in a way that will not increase risk to its participants. Any organization or group may submit a practice to share with partners throughout the Commonwealth in the format provided by

Healthy Living Practices Continuum

Emerging Practice

Promising Practices

Leading Practices

Best Practices

Healthy Living practices allows organizations and communities to learn of successful practices or innovations in other places so these practices can be replicated or modified to address similar needs.  Thank you for your interest in submitting your program for consideration as a Healthy Living practice on LiveHealthyPA. Please complete the following information to provide us with an overview of your program. We anticipate this will take approximately 15 minutes of your time. Practices posted on the LiveHealthyPA website are first reviewed by the Healthy Living Practices advisory panel to ensure the quality of the program.  Individuals or organizations submitting requests will be notified of acceptance or rejection in a timely manner.  Any submission rejected will receive a summary of improvements needed and directions to resubmit when changes are made. Upon making the suggested edits to your submission, an organization can resubmit the practice for further consideration.   Editing the Healthy Living practice does not guarantee acceptance on the LiveHealthyPA website.

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