Violence and Injury

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Violence and Injury Prevention Data and Resources

Injury can be defined as any physical damage to the body caused by violence, intent, or accident.  Costs of injury are staggering and sometimes, as a society, we forget that injury is a major contributing factor in medical costs and deaths in Pennsylvania. Injuries cost billions of dollars in health care and social support resources. Injury is the leading cause of death for Pennsylvania residents age 1 to 44, but deaths are a small proportion of the impact of injury.   

To learn more about violence and injury please visit: PA Injury Data Reports

All of the below can be found at the link provided:
County Injury Profiles
Combined Injury Reports
Injury Death Reports
Injury Hospitalization Reports
Adverse Childhood Experience Reports

CDC Injury Prevention Programs

National Center for Health Statistics Injury Stats

CDC Injuries Among Older Adults

Safe States