Tobacco-Free Events

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Tobacco Free Events

The 2014 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health reported that since 1964, more than 20 million Americans have died because of smoking. Of the 20 million who died, 2.5 million were nonsmokers who died because of secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals and chemical compounds.  At least 70 of them are known specifically to cause cancer. 
All cigarettes are harmful, and any exposure to tobacco smoke can cause both immediate and long-term damage to the body. There is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. 

Tobacco free events are taking place across Pennsylvania: 

Smoke Free Pride  
Find a local smoke free Pride Festival in Pennsylvania  
Smoke Free Pride Lancaster - 

World No Tobacco Day events – May 31st 

Young Lungs at Play 
The southeast region held several Young Lungs at Play events to recognize communities that created tobacco free playgrounds:

Tobacco Free Baseball

For years, public health leaders have urged Major League Baseball (MLB) and the MLB Players Association to end smokeless tobacco use in baseball. 

Smokeless tobacco contains at least 28 cancer-causing chemicals and causes oral, pancreatic and esophageal cancer – as well as other health problems.

Too many kids — especially athletes — are using smokeless tobacco.  Each year, about half a million kids ages 12-17 use smokeless tobacco for the first time.  In Pennsylvania, nearly 12% of male high school students use smokeless or spit tobacco (Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids). The Knock Tobacco Out of the Park Campaign aims to create tobacco free baseball parks.