Penn State Extension

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What is Penn State Extension?

Penn State Extension is an educational network that provides access to the University’s resources and expertise to help individuals, families, businesses, and communities through educational programing.  It is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state and county governments.  Penn State Extension educators, faculty, and local volunteers work together to share unbiased, research-based information with local residents.

Extension provides educational programming and resources to:

  • Support productive, profitable, and competitive businesses and a strong agriculture and food system
  • Strengthen families, children and youth, and the elderly
  • Build caring, safe, and healthy communities
  • Ensure the long-term vitality of Pennsylvania's natural resources
  • Enable people to better understand and deal with complex public issues

Programs addressing chronic disease

For the Empowering people to participate in their own health:  For the Dining with Diabetes Healthy Living Practice Click here

Expanding access to healthier food:

Eliminating tobacco use:

Where can I find more information?

For specific classes find your county Office -

Where can I find additional resources? 

For educational information - and select topics from Animals, Plants & Pests, Natural Resources, Community & business, Food and Health, and Youth & Family

If you are looking for specific course types search the events page-